poems & co.


“Youth” & “To Silence” – Pangyrus
2 blackout poems – Witty Partition
“Birthday Dirge” – Boog City


“Negative” & “To a Corkscrew” – Spacecraft Project


“Dog Song” – Zócalo Public Square
8 short poems – The Zen Space


“Selena: a study in recurrence/worry” “St Peter to Joseph” “Sentence” – Crab Orchard Review
“Conditioning (Run Study)” – Hunger Mountain
6 poems (January featured poet) – A Dozen Nothing
“Cows” – The Collagist
“Flea Market” “Funeral” & “Grit” – The Inflectionist Review
(in Spanish) “Thank You for Not Smoking (una traducción práctica)” – Hinchas de Poesía
(haiku) a haiku in Bones: journal for contemporary haiku no. 15


“Pantoum for the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe” – Tinderbox Poetry Journal
“Speaking Spanish on the Streets of NYC”
– Glass: A Poetry Journal
3 Octaves – The Inflectionist Review
“Old Man in a Rocker” – West Texas Literary Review
“The Ladder”
& “Clock Affirmations” – Gris-Gris
“Naos Explains Lying”
 – Right Hand Pointing
“Of Breaking” – Toe Good Poetry
“Small Talk” & “Waiting” – The Apple Valley Review
“A Mu’allaqa for Clifton Avenue” – Tahoma Literary Review
“Nada Takes Stock” – Shantih Journal
(nonfiction) “excerpt from A Personal History of Want: Ch. 1″ – The Acentos Review
(nonfiction) “excerpts from A Personal History of Want – Storm Cellar
(prose poems) “Mist Song” & “Creature Song” – Scryptic Magazine
(prose poems) “City of Windows” “The Lessening” & “Goya” – Pretty Owl Poetry
(microfiction) “Over the Sink” “At the Table” “Pallbearer” – Star 82 Review
(in Spanish) “Depredadores en sombra” Círculo de Poesía
(senryu) 4 senryu – Failed Haiku
(haiku) in Right Hand Pointing’s Winter Haiku issue 107 “look — even a bowl”


“Blade” Academy of American Poets Graduate Poetry Prize selected by Carl Phillips
“Alien” – Crab Creek Review
“Cazar Means to Hunt Not to Marry” – december magazine
Distinguished Poet feature: 7 poems & interview
– The Inflectionist Review
“American Studies” – Terrain.org
“On Being Called Jorge” & “Freckles” – The Indianola Review
“Forging” & “The Broken Escalator…” – The Boiler Journal
“The Rhetoric of Todo” – Rove
“Corpus Christi” – Cider Press Review
“About Languages”
– Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review (Issue 42)
“El Rio”
– Crab Creek Review
“Nada on the Swing” & “Nada’s Vanity” – Kettle Blue Review
& “Tourist” – Qu a literary magazine
“Longing,” “Gods and Goddesses,” & “Widow” – Theodate
“Odin and the Runes” – Salamander Magazine
“Todo for Nada” – Tinderbox Poetry Journal
“La Llorona at the Saloon” – Asterix Journal (Asterisms)
“Element” – Zócalo Public Square
(microfiction) “Prayer Box” – Star 82 Review
(tanka) in A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March “fingers” & “the clouds as I run”


“Joe” (winner of the 2015 RHINO Poetry Editor’s Prize) – RHINO Poetry
“Race” – Prairie Schooner
“Mesquite” & “Luchadores” – Waxwing
“Raro” – Compose Journal
“Spiderman Hitches a Ride” – Tahoma Literary Review
“Meditation on White Hair” – Puerto del Sol
“Our Lady,” “Canicas,” & “Gentleman” (with comments) – Apple Valley Review
“Theory of the Slammed Door” & “Theory of Grapes in a Dream” – Bear Review
“Zero flirts with Nada” – Duende
“Visit” & “Augustina” – The Acentos Review
“Superhero” & “Lion’s Den” – Gris-Gris
“Evening in Matamoros” & “Caught” – One Sentence Poems
Four more Naos poems – The Inflectionist Review
“Anthology” “Concentration” & “Complicated” – Right Hand Pointing
“Pebblescripture,” “Oregon,” & “Ohio” – Right Hand Pointing
(microfiction) “Twitch” – The Citron Review
(microfiction) “5 a.m.” & “Hangman Ode” – Star 82 Review
(flash fiction) “Forgotten Conversation” – Apogee
(flash fiction) “Spinster” & “Oceans” – Pretty Owl Poetry
(tanka) 2nd place, TSA Sanford Goldstein Intl. Tanka Contest “table to table”
(tanka) in American Tanka issue 25 “a boy crosses”
(tanka) 39 tanka published in Atlas Poetica Number 20 (PDF)
(haibun) published in Contemporary Haibun Online “Birthdays” & “Walks”


“Quinceañera” (originally published in Luna Luna)
“Don’t Look Now I Might Be Mexican” – Blue Mesa Review
“Fixing” & “Where It Was Dark” (with audio) – The Cortland Review
“The Ashtray” (audio here) – RHINO Poetry
“Abandoned Church” (with audio) – Rattle
“Instead of a Postcard” & “How it Works”  – Cider Press Review
“The Accordion Heart” – Foothill
“Work Song” – The Fox Chase Review
“Broken Clock Ode,” “Blue Ode,” & “Late” (with comments) – Apple Valley Review
“The Hummingbird Between Us” & “La Llorona at the Cafe” – The 2River View
“Ink,” “Kindred Spirit,” “Fool,” & two one sentence poems – Right Hand Pointing
“Argument Rooms,” “Blackout,” & “Paper Clouds” – The Inflectionist Review
“Icarus” & “La Esquina” – The Merrimack Review
“De Soto National Memorial Park” – Rappahannock Review
“Blackberry Ode” – Profane Journal
(found poetry) “The Priest’s Sermon in Spring”  – Short Fast & Deadly
(flash fiction) “Stream” – Pretty Owl Poetry
(microfiction) “Clams,” “Wisp,” & “Brown” – Star 82 Review
(tanka) in American Tanka issue 23 “like the stitching”
(tanka) 6 tanka sequence featured in inner art joural I tagged”
(haiku) A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March “flowers in a pail” & “empty restaurant”


“Dog-eared” & “Happiness” (with commentary) – Apple Valley Review
Five poems – Gris-Gris Issue 3
“Unleashed” & “Living in the Rearview Mirror” – The Dandelion Farm Review
A series of one line poems – Stirring: a literary collection
“Theology at Work” – Glass: A Poetry Journal
“Barback” – Right Hand Pointing
“Celation,” “Correspondence,” & “Ophelia, now” – Right Hand Pointing
(tanka) in A Hundred Gourds 3:1 December “at times all I remember:”

2008 – 2012

“Love Dream” – Right Hand Pointing
“Street Performer” & “Hansel to his muse” (with audio) – The 2River View
“Hell’s Kitchen” & “Letter to Rainer M. Rilke from NYC” – The Acentos Review
“Gloves” featured in Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry
(haiku) featured in Issa’s Untidy Hut Wednesday Haiku “Here –“

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