* travel update & some life sketches

Hello y’all!

Since I am moving this week back to Oregon and am on the road as I write this, I decided I would forgo the usual Friday Influence post and share some life sketches.  I will resume the usual astrologically-centered good times next week.  Enjoy!



walking in Flagstaff

the folds of her blue dress

in the wind

our laughter folded there




driving at night

the lights of Bakersfield

disappear behind the hill

like so many gleaming eyes





on the highway

in the half-light of sunset

the passing lights of trucks

like the eyes of a man


when told to go



Happy driving!


3 responses to “* travel update & some life sketches”

  1. Hosay! Nice work there. I liked how peaceful I felt after reading those. Hope your arrival is or was warm and comfortable. Dianne

  2. Thanks for the kind words and good wishes. And of course for the awesome send-off! Best.


  3. You’ve definitely put me on the road with you. Beautiful stuff. And I’m intrigued to see what a return to Oregon produces for you!

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