* paying tribute via Bert Meyers

I recently lost a friend of mine – at the same time that a few other people I know also lost people close to them.

For this week’s post, I thought I’d offer a poem by the great Bert Meyers.

Though about a specific person, I feel the sentiment speaks for many.

For W.R. Rodgers – Bert Meyers

I knew a candle of a man
whose voice, meandering in a flame,
could make the shadows on the wall
listen to what he said.
Time flowed from a vein that ran
its blue crack through his pale forehead.

He’s done.  You’d need a broom
to arouse him now.
All things burn before they’re dead.
Some men are words that warmed a room.


Happy warming!


3 responses to “* paying tribute via Bert Meyers”

  1. “Some men are words that warmed a room.” What a beautiful description of someone. A lovely poem.

    1. I agree! Thank you for reading!

  2. […] the good folx along to honor and have an online space for his work. Check out this past post (and this one, and this one, haha) on his work to further celebrate his work. I’ve done a few posts on his […]

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