* a stone’s throw memory with charles wright

This week I’d like to celebrate Charles Wright being named the new U.S. Poet Laureate.

I’ve always suspected him to be an introvert, but his reaction to the news sinches it:

At times self-effacing, Wright shies away from the public eye and was reluctant to take the post. “My wife kept nudging me to do it and also others have said, ‘You know, you should do it.’ And I hadn’t done it before when it was offered to me and I always felt sort of bad about that — that I snuck into the shadows where I am more comfortable,” Wright said to Jeffrey Brown in a phone conversation on Wednesday. “I’m going to try to pull up my socks here and see what happens.” *

The poem below is from Wright’s book, Sestets, and speaks to the feeling of the reserved, quiet kid speaking up in class that the above quote rings with.

* a Roman road, yo *
* a Roman road, yo *

It’s Sweet to be Remembered – Charles Wright

No one’s remembered much longer than a rock

is remembered beside the road

If he’s lucky or

Some tune or harsh word

uttered in childhood or back in the day.


Still how nice to imagine some kid someday

picking that rock up and holding it in his hand

Briefly before he chucks it

Deep in the woods in a sunny spot in the tall grass.


Happy chucking!


* Read the rest of the article on the big news here.

2 responses to “* a stone’s throw memory with charles wright”

  1. His acceptance is a fine and brave example! Thank you for this celebratory post.

    1. I agree! Thank you for your kind words, Laura!

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