* naos to meet you (again)

* troof *
* troof *

I laughed too hard when I came across this the other day.

There’s been some heavy duty lesson planning going on. Which means summer’s taking a turn.

Before summer’s over, I thought I’d share the Naos poem recently published in Cactus Heart. It’s from the same world as but not in the Naos chapbook published earlier this summer. Special thanks to Sara Rauch for giving it a home.

I promise to be up to my usual hijinxery next week 🙂

* heartful *
* heartful *


Naos Drinking – Jose Angel Araguz

The kind of drunk who smiles to himself.
Who grows more polite with each shot.
His lips: the twist of a rope,
the knot of his Adam’s apple adjusting.
He listens for his life, his death.


Happy listening!


2 responses to “* naos to meet you (again)”

  1. 😀 (I actually have the print issue of Cactus Heart 8.5 — it rocks! Naos is drinking in good company.)

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