* “Pebblescripture” & other new work

* pebblificando *
* pebblificando *

Just a quick post to share the publication of the latest issue of Right Hand Pointing entitled Crows and Cranes – dedicated to very short poems, including my own poem “Pebblescripture” which can be found here.

Check out the rest of the issue – part 1 of 2 on short poems – here.

Also, over the weekend One Sentence Poems published two of my, uhm, one sentence poems, which I happily share here:

“Evening in Matamoros”


The crew of Ambidextrous Bloodhound – whose projects include the journal Right Hand Pointing & One Sentence Poems – have been generous and encouraging of my work throughout the years. I can’t thank them enough. That said, thank you to Dale Wisely, Robert Scotellaro, & Laura M. Kaminski. Find out more about Ambidextrous Bloodhound’s projects here.

See you Friday!



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