* quick post: new poems & audio

Just a quick post to announce the spring 2015 issue of Gris-Gris featuring my poems “Lion’s Den” (here) and “Superhero” (here).

Check out the rest of the outstanding issue featuring work by  Natasha Trethewey, Judith Skillman, and William Miller here. Thanks to Jay Udall & co. for their hard work in putting together an always engaging journal.

* den what? *
* den what? *

Also, RHINO Poetry has been starting to provide audio for poems in their 2014 issue. Check out audio for my own poem “The Ashtray” here (the text of which can be read here). Thanks to Valerie Wallace for collecting audio files.


See you Friday!


2 responses to “* quick post: new poems & audio”

  1. Read Lion’s Den and Superhero while listening to Sunny Rollin’s A Night in Tunisia at about the 6 min mark. What a pairing. Congratulations!

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