* new work up at apogee journal’s blog: perigree

* cinnamontography *
* cinnamontography *

Just a quick note to share that my flash fiction piece “Forgotten Conversation” has recently been published on Apogee Journal’s Blog: Perigree.

Check it out here.

Special thanks to Cecca Ochoa for working with me in shaping the final version.

This work means something special to me for where it took me towards the end, evoking Sandra Cisneros from her Loose Woman poems as a kind of patron(a) saint of the broken hearted!

See you Friday!


5 responses to “* new work up at apogee journal’s blog: perigree”

  1. It has taken me my entire life to appreciate emotional investment in poetry & the broader tendrils of literature. I find it difficult to do & as mentioned, difficult to appreciate. With age has come an understanding & justification for its existence.
    The fluidity of this piece is admirable. It rolls off the tongue like a tongue twister deftly executed. What is the translation of the Spanish?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Daniel! I appreciate your words and your taking the time to read my piece. As for the translation from Spanish, here it is in parentheses:

      “Querrrida (beloved), sorry to call late, I’m here, one hundred three perrrrrcent chulo (cute/handsome), you should call me. I have your Sandra Cisneros book, y como ella (and like her), I want you, juntito a mi (close to me).”

      Sidenote: the line “juntito a mi” is borrowed from Cisneros’ poem “Dulzura.”

      Peace, brother.

  2. andreakbeltran Avatar

    ooohhh. thank you.

    1. Thanks for reading, Andrea!

  3. […] p.s. Check out a previous post on a Cisneros-inspired microfiction here. […]

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