* new work up at Star 82 Review

* mine own hang-up *
* mine own hang-up *

Just a quick post to announce the release of the latest issue of Star 82 Review which includes my piece “Hangman Ode.” Read it here.

The issue features work from B.J. Best, Eve Kenneally, and Todd Mercer along with other fine work. Check it out here.

I’m especially excited because “Hangman Ode” is a part of Reasons (not) to Dance, a flash fiction/prose poem chapbook forthcoming from FutureCycle Press. The project explores ideas of risks as played out in short prose pieces that range from the fabulistic to the memoiristic. My guides in writing these come from the Latin American microcuento tradition, writers such as Augusto Monterroso and Julio Cortazar.

Stay tuned for further news to come later this week on this project!

See you Friday!


4 thoughts on “* new work up at Star 82 Review

  1. Any other writers you’d recommend that write in the microcuento tradition? Any women? I’d love to read more.

    1. Yes! Eduardo Galeano’s “The Book of Embraces” is a must-read. He also has a 3-volume history of the Americas via prose poems entitled Memory of Fire. Ana Maria Shua is also an influence – her book entitled simply “Microfictions” is great.

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