* new work at duende & apple valley review

* canicas *
* canicas *

Just a quick post to announce new work up at two stellar publications: Apple Valley Review & Duende!

The latest issue of Apple Valley Review includes my poems “Our Lady,” “Canicas,” and “Gentleman” along with some author’s notes on each of the poems. Read them here.

Big thanks to editor Leah Browning for taking in this special batch of poems.

* nada to see here *
* nada to see here *

Also, my poem “Zero Flirts with Nada” is included in the latest issue of Duende. Read it here.

Happy to be published in Duende alongside my CantoMundo fam, Juan Morales, whose work I have written about here on the Influence.

See you Friday!


2 responses to “* new work at duende & apple valley review”

  1. Wow — each one is excellent. All three – a triumph.

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