* new work up at star 82 review!

Just a quick post to announce the release of Star 82’s Special Flash Issue which includes my piece “Prayer Box” along with an original ink sketch!

This special issue consists of 50 poets writing flash pieces of exactly 5o words each. Stellar work by Todd Mercer, Kate K Lore, and Autumn Stephens among others are included. Check out the rest of the issue here.

Special thanks to editor Alisa Golden for putting together a great issue and for allowing us to share original artwork!

See you Friday!


4 thoughts on “* new work up at star 82 review!

  1. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate how each of your poems I encounter, each different, each a gem. I love this one…I’d say “particularly love this one” but then another dozen rush to mind, wanting the same recognition. Cheers!

  2. the ending of this piece is a lovely touch & working in tandem with the opening revelation, fulfills the readers enjoyment & helps us believe the protagonists auditory gift. as always Jose you show such control of image & language.

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