* new poem up at Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review!

Just a quick post to share my poem “About Languages” originally published in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review Issue 42.

Borderlands has also made available poems by Joshua Gage, Eric Fisher Stone, Celeste Guzmán Mendoza and Rosebud Ben-Oni.

Check them all out here.

Borderlands Issue 44 (pictured here) features my poem “Fisherman” and is available for purchase here.

Special thanks to Ryan Sharp and everyone at Borderlands for their continued support and community!

See you Friday!


2 responses to “* new poem up at Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review!”

  1. the choice of verbs in the second lines of both the first & second stanza: lap / lag & swell / pool are very accurate & give the poem a proper motion. to rival any river. i think Lorca would have taken a hearty plunge into your river of language.

    1. Thank you for reading & for the Lorca nod, Daniel 🙂 Abrazos, José

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