* interview & poetry feature at The Inflectionist Review!

Inflectionist Review Anthology of PoetryJust a quick post to announce that I was selected for the Distinguished Poet feature for the latest issue of The Inflectionist Review! Along with a selection of poems, I also participated in an interview where I discuss my writing process as well as my views on the current state of poetry in America.

The Inflectionist Review has provided an engaging and supportive community for years now and I am proud to have my work be part of the conversation.

Special thanks to editors A. Molotkov and John Sibley Williams for their support and insightful questions!

See you Friday!


2 responses to “* interview & poetry feature at The Inflectionist Review!”

  1. i really want to get a publication in The Inflectionist Review, been reading it since the 1st issue; a brilliant magazine, with editors who have a fine eye for quality work. congratulations on being singled out, a much deserved distinction.

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