* new work up at the Academy of American Poets site!

Just  a quick post to share that my poem “Blade” can be read at Poets.org. This poem was selected by Carl Phillips and awarded the Academy of American Poets Graduate Poetry Prize this past Spring.

The first draft of this poem was written during my time tutoring and teaching at Del Mar College in my hometown Corpus Christi, TX, and was later influenced by my time living in Jersey City  and commuting to work in Manhattan. Some of these miles can be found in the second stanza’s focus on walking in the dark.

Thank you to Carl Phillips and to everyone at Poets.org for making the publication of this poem possible!

See you Friday!


2 responses to “* new work up at the Academy of American Poets site!”

  1. “Steel that unknuckles into lightning.” Oh, yes! Congratulations, Jose.

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