* new blog post at the Cincinnati Review blog!

Just a quick note to share my latest microreview & interview over at the Cincinnati Review blog!

This time around I spend time with Wayne Miller’s latest book, Post- (Milkweed Editions).

Stay tuned Friday as I share a poem from Miller’s collection.


2 responses to “* new blog post at the Cincinnati Review blog!”

  1. This interview gave me some vocabulary for something I haven’t really put words to when reading your poems. I think of them as “rooted” — firmly and vividly in a place and a time…and reading this has left me inclined to go back and see how the language in Corpus Christi Octaves differs from the language in Everything We Think We Hear and The Divorce Suite. Thinking…’sploring…

    1. Thanks for reading, Laura! I appreciate the attention and consideration paid, my friend. Abrazos!

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