poetryamano project: july 2017

This week I’m sharing another installment archiving my Instagram poetry project entitled @poetryamano (poetry by hand). This account focuses on sharing poems written by hand, either in longhand or through more experimental forms such as erasures/blackout poems and found poems.

Below are highlights from July 2017. This month found me going further with erasures. Along with working out of a true crime book, the last one is drawn from a book by Yasunari Kawabata.

Be sure to check out the previous installments of the archive – and if you’re on Instagram, follow @poetryamano for the full happenings.

Enjoy these forays into variations on the short lyric!

july 2017 1
An erasure that reads: “The news of lightning. No front-page its arch-rival.”
july 2017 2
An erasure that reads: “during the latter part of a few melodramas perception.”
july 2017 3
An erasure that reads: “like weaving a tapestry until the woven piece is finished the small, seemingly insignificant pieces complete with fingerprints”
july 2017 4
An erasure that reads: “an ambitious practice employing each word as a chisel, able to adapt instantly to any changes”
july 2017 5
An erasure that reads: “surrender as a cloud-strewn sunset”
july 2017 6
An erasure that reads: “some outstanding poison or drug that cryptic remark.”
july 2017 7
An erasure that reads: “doubt and conviction based on the turn of a card”
july 2017 8
An erasure that reads: “grasshoppers, remember tonight’s written in green by you”

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