new book pre-order, cover, & other news!

Just a quick post to share the news that my forthcoming poetry book, Rotura, is now available for pre-order from Black Lawrence Press. I am excited to share the cover as well featuring artwork by Heather Goodwind.

A photo of the book cover for Rotura featuring artwork by Heather Goodwind

I am also excited to share the wonderful blurb that Juan Felipe Herrera was kind enough to write for this project:

A moving book where the voice undulates dark and soul-filled along cracked borders, rising boundaries and worn “brown gods” along the routes, grasping at fading shimmers of truth, family, longings and stark existence. Direct and tender, knowing and lilting, shifting and wandering—in all this “rotura” rupture there is warmth, love, suffering and purpose for the long haul ahead. A magnificent, profound and necessary text from the Latinx Renaissance.

Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the United States, Emeritus

Stay tuned for announcements of virtual events that are in the works, the first coming up on December 4th (more soon!).

In the meantime, consider pre-ordering your copy and check out one of the keystone poems from the book “American Studies” published at

2 responses to “new book pre-order, cover, & other news!”

  1. dana delibovi says:

    This is great! Looking forward to reading. I just started your earlier book, An Empty Pot’s Darkness, and I am really enjoying it.

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