community feature: RWW Annual Writers’ Retreat

Just a quick post to share about the RWW Annual Writers’ Retreat.

The logo for RWW inc.

RWW (which stands for “Roots. Wounds. Words.”) is: “a sacred space wherein BIPOC stories are celebrated, and BIPOC storytellers immersed in liberation. At the Writers’ Retreat, Storytellers receive literary arts instruction offered by award-winning BIPOC writers in the fields of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and speculative fiction.”

This opportunity just came on my radar and I am excited to share it because of how necessary such spaces are for marginalized writers. In both my teaching and writing career I feel like I’m witnessing a necessary shift from mere critique of the canon and literary traditions to more and more spaces where marginalized folks can be present with each other and, through presence, embody what it means to be part of the literary community.

On a more geeky note: I’m excited that this opportunity allows folks to work with Nisi Shawl, a dynamic essayist and writer of speculative fiction. She is just one of a group of stellar faculty who will participate at this retreat. If you are able to apply, check them out.

Deadline to apply is February 6th.

2 responses to “community feature: RWW Annual Writers’ Retreat”

  1. This shift you note is important. I applaud it!

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