new CR blog post & instagram project!

osowskiHappy to share my latest post for the Cincinnati Review blog, a microreview & interview of Leah Poole Osowski’s Hover Over Her!

In this microreview, I discuss Osowski’s work via “the poetics of suddenness.”


Also, I wanted to share a new Instagram poetry project I’ve started entitled poetryamano (poetry by hand). This account will focus on sharing poems written by hand.

I’m excited to see what new directions this takes my writing and what it opens up in terms of form. The latest posts will appear here on the sidebar of this site, but the full account can be accessed here.

Be sure to check out my other account as well – which is more in line with the spirit of this blog and my life. Both accounts are without a doubt centered around poemtrees 🙂

I hope you and yours are well during these trying times.

See you Friday!


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