* new work at Kettle Blue Review!

Just a quick note to announce the release of the latest issue of Kettle Blue Review!

In this issue, you’ll find two poems from my “Nada Poems” series: “Nada on the Swing” & “Nada’s Vanity.”

Happy to be part of a great issue! Check out the stellar work, including poems by Gail Goepfert, Christine Pacyk, and Mercedes Lawry here.

Special thanks to Lana Rakhman & everyone at KBR!

See you Friday!


* two poems at The Boiler Journal!

fall16_boiler1Just a quick post to announce the release of the latest issue of The Boiler Journal which features two poems from a manuscript-in-progress. Read them here.

“Forging” and “The Broken Escalator at the Train Platform” both come from my years living in New Jersey/New York when I would commute to work and grad school.

This issue also features work by fellow UC poet Emily Rose Cole as well as stellar work by Leslie Marie Aguilar and Monica Lewis among others.

Check out the rest of the issue here.

Special thanks to Sebastian Hasani Paramo & everyone at the journal for including my work in such a solid issue!

See you Friday!


* new work at tinderbox poetry journal & new audio!

Just a quick note announcing the release of the latest issue of Tinderbox Poetry Journal which includes my poem “Todo for Nada.”

Along with being a subverted villanelle, this poem is from a sequence entitled “The Nada Poems” in which two characters, Todo y Nada, play out a relationship (check out another Nada poem: “Zero Flirts With Nada”).

This issue of Tinderbox also features an array of stellar writing including work by Nancy Bevilaqua, William Fargason, and two stunning pieces by Sun Yung Shin, one that incorporates elements of tarot.

Thanks to Jenn, Molly, and everyone at Tinderbox for their support!


Also, I wanted to share the news that the good people of RHINO Poetry have released the audio of my reading “Joe” on their site. Thanks to Valerie Wallace for the update!


See you Friday!


* quick post: a poem & list at Treehouse

Just a quick post to share the publication of my poem “The Devil on His Wedding Night” at Treehouse!  Read the poem here.

This is the first poem in my Devil series to be published – and actually the second I ever wrote in the series.

Treehouse’s slogan – online magazine for short, good writing – only hints at the insight and fun to be had on their site.  Along with poetry and prose, you will find the feature “This Week in Words” and the contributor’s series “5 things”.

See my contribution – 5 fictional characters that would make great poets here.

See you Friday!