new work at Sugar House Review!

Happy to share that my work is being included in this Sneak Peek of the latest issue of Sugar House Review!

Check out the text and audio of my poem “On the Times I Don’t Remember the Right Words for Things!”

This sneak peek includes work by Emma Aylor, Craig Blais, and Tamara L. Panici among other fine writers.

Thank you to the editors of Sugar House Review for the work they do in supporting and showcasing their contributors!

See y’all Friday!


2 responses to “new work at Sugar House Review!”

  1. Jose,
    Is there any way to get closed caption on your poem/poems. I have no hearing. I can hear the sound of your voice though and it is most pleasant.

    1. MaryJo: Thank you for your comment! I don’t think there is a closed caption option, but if you email me [ ] I’m happy to send the text of the poem, if it’ll help. Thank you again for reaching out! Best, José

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