new work up at Hinchas de Poesía & Blood Moon Blog!

Just a quick post to share that my poem in Spanish “Thank You for Not Smoking (una traducción práctica)” is included in the latest issue of Hinchas de Poesía! This poem is part of a series of “practical translations” of signs from English into mine own Spanish interpretation.

This issue also includes work by Mario Alejandra Ariza, Dimitri Reyes, and Norma E. Cantú along with other fine writers. Check it out!


Also, my short essay “Scramble and Sensitivity: Notes on a Reading Life” is up at Blood Moon Blog: Latinx Writing!

In it, I go into some of my earliest memories of reading and what it was like to run into a poetry book for the first time.

Thank you to Monique Quintana for the invitation to reflect and dig into these memories!


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