* “Moth Season” in Cactus Heart’s Speculative e-issue

Just a quick note to announce the release of Cactus Heart’s Speculative issue (e-Issue #11) which includes my prose poem noir sequence “Moth Season,” which follows the adventures of one Inspector Moth.

Here’s a sample of the  piece:

Inspector Moth walked from one end of the brightness to the
other. Still, the pane remained. He had crashed into it not
knowing why. He paced, tapping at the glass now and then,
boxing with his reflection, the colors he was made of pushing
back. The whole world, he thought, can see that I am stuck.

(from Moth Season)

The e-issue is available for purchase here.

The issue also includes work by UC friend and poet extraordinaire Madeleine Wattenberg and a host of other great writers.

Special thanks to Guest Editor Kate Sheeran Swed as well as Sara Rauch & co. for putting together an engaging read of an issue!

See you Friday!