* update: the reading

Happy to report that the Windfall Reading last night was a great success!

The evening started off with Tim Volem introducing Eliot Treichel who read from his collection of short stories, Close Is Fine (Ooligan Press).  He read “The Golden Torch”, the last in the collection, a story about the trials and tribulations between father and son.

More about Eliot can be found here.

Anita Sullivan, poet and editor of Airlie Press, then gave me a generous and warm introduction, after which I proceeded to go through poems from The Wall with their own take on the trials and tribulations between father and son.

There was a theme.  Sort of.

Want to take a listen?  Go here.

Here’s me kicking the poetry jams:


All in all, the night went well.  Thank you to all who came.

A special thanks again to Anita Sullivan for a great introduction.  More about Anita’s work can be found here.

ALSO: please note the new tab above for Audio – there are links to both the KLCC radio interview from Monday (Thank you to Eric Alan and Michael Canning!) as well as to last night’s reading.

See you Friday!


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