* a birthday poem

This week on the Influence: BIRTHDAY!

My girlfriend’s, Ani, in particular.

She is from the Pacific Northwest and is accustomed to cloudy, gray birthdays – a lovely scene at times made lovelier by the blooming of the local cherry blossoms.

This year she’s a bit bummed because they have yet to blossom – so I’m bringing them to her.

I am dedicating this post to her and posting a poem I wrote for her back in 2011 which features the aforementioned tardy blossoms.

With these words, may there always be flowers somewhere near you, my dear.


For her birthday 030811


you have never needed me

you yourself


point out the cherry blossoms

that return in time


trembling pink and white

when you smile


days before

days after


Happy aftering!


* photo found here.

One response to “* a birthday poem”

  1. You. Are. The. Sweetest.

    Thank you for the flowers, my bear.

    P.S. BIRTHDAY!!!

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