* two years of the influence

The two year anniversary of the Influence is here and I must admit: it snuck up on me.

I had all these great ideas about what to do (party hats! balloons! poems recited inside of a cake!), but then life kinda kept happening.

As life happened, so did the Influence, though, which is the goal ultimately.

The life of a blog is like the life of a flag: as long as the wind keeps up, the colors keep flying.

This week’s poem “Lives of the Poets” by Kim Addonizio (fresh out of the latest issue of Poetry magazine) is apt for our little celebration.

When I started this blog, I was happy to have it become a reader’s blog, a place for me to share the poems that were rockin’ my world at the time. It has been a pleasure to see the readership of this blog grow. Thank you to each of you who drops by.

I hope to continue sharing the highlights of the life of this poet and that it may mean something to the life of the poet in you.

* two years makes me this happy *
* two years makes me this happy *

Lives of the Poets – Kim Addonizio

One stood among the violets
listening to a bird. One went to the toilet
and was struck by the moon. One felt hopeless
until a trumpet crash, and then lo,
he became a diamond. I have a shovel.
Can I turn it into a poem? On my stove
I’m boiling some milk thistle.
I hope it will turn into a winged thesis
before you stop reading. Look, I’m topless!
Listen: approaching hooves!
One drowned in a swimming pool.
One removed his shoes
and yearned off a bridge. One lives
with Alzheimer’s in a state facility, spittle
in his white beard. It
turns out words are no help.
But here I am with my shovel
digging like a fool
beside the spilth and splosh
of the ungirdled sea. I can’t stop.
The horses are coming, the thieves.
I still haven’t found lasting love.
I still want to hear viols
in the little beach hotel
that’s torn down and gone.
I want to see again the fish
schooling and glittering like a veil
where the waves shove
against the breakwater. Gone
is the girl in her white slip
testing the chill with one bare foot.
It’s too cold, but she goes in, so
carefully, oh.


Happy flagging!


4 responses to “* two years of the influence”

  1. For you, Jose, we should invent a modification to those birthday candles and cards that play “Happy Birthday” — we should have candles and cards that recite your favorite poems! Barka da sabon shekera! (Blessings in your “new year”!)

  2. Long life to the poets, poems and poetry gathered in your strikingly diverse, colorful garden! ¡Feliz blogueo, José! Gracias y abrazo.

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