* Delta Ponds: a lyric sequence

Towards the end of our trip this week, we stopped by Delta Ponds, a patch of wetlands near where Ani’s family lives.

The lyric sequence below, inspired by the sights and sounds of the walk, is shared as a sort of thank you to the travel gods.

* Pond-ering *
* Pond-ering *

Delta Ponds – Jose Angel Araguz


Dragonflies rising
from the grass, lighting on
a tall, sun-bleached reed.


Black snake slithers through the rocks,
mirrored by its yellow stripe.


The sound of heron
wings – turning the page so fast,
all words fall away.


The turtle sunning mid-pond:
so far, just a blot of ink.


Dust across my feet
and sandals, each step taken
stirs and covers me.


The slow step of the heron:
water still, and still again.


She says the heron’s
the color of my favorite
shirt as it flies off.


Holding my breath through a cloud
of gnats, words bat from all sides.


Heron’s neck – from “S”
to straight – how does one learn to
write, then stand apart?

* from heron out *
* from heron out *

Happy heroning!


2 responses to “* Delta Ponds: a lyric sequence”

  1. Thank you — to you and Ani — for permitting your readers to share this experience.

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