* logically legit with rae armantrout

Revisiting the work of Rae Armantrout this week, I realize that some poems hit you with the edges of what they could be saying as they are being said. Armantrout’s work for me always gives me just enough to build a singular impression.

In the poem below, the third section’s image of leaves is baffling in its clarity. The line “Leaf shadows on pavement” is a clipped, definite image, but the stanza that follows brings that image to life through sound and meaning, reaching away from imagery and yet evoking the image nonetheless.

Such things shouldn’t be possible, says the logical part of my brain, but there it is – logically legit.

* leaf good enough alone  *
* leaf good enough alone *

Answer – Rae Armantrout *

a moment of stillness,
demanding an answer.

When does a moment end?


Starbucks prayer;
“Make morning good again.”


Leaf shadows on pavement:

word meaning to slide
to absentmindedly caress.


For I so loved the world

that I set up
my only son

to be arrested.


Happy arresting!


* from Rae Armantrout’s collection, Money Shot.

4 responses to “* logically legit with rae armantrout”

  1. This is a new poet for me to read! Thank you for the fine introduction.

    1. Of course! Her book before this one, “Versal” is also worth checking out! Thanks, Laura!

  2. I’m late to the dance, too, I guess. Thanks for the introduction to a poet I ought to have read (but didn’t). Thanks for sharing several of her poems.

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