* new poems: The Apple Valley Review & 2River View

Just a quick post to share the publication of some new work.

I have three poems up in the latest issue of the Apple Valley Review. Check them out here along with other fine work in this issue. Editor Leah Browning was kind enough to ask for a bit of background on each poem, so make sure to scroll down and see what connections led to the poems.

I’m also happy to announce the release of the latest issue of the 2River View, which includes two poems of mine as well as audio here. Check out the rest of the fine issue here. Special thanks to editor Richard Long for the hard work in putting together such a fine issue.

See you Friday!


4 responses to “* new poems: The Apple Valley Review & 2River View”

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Laura!

  1. I agree with Laura. I’m particularly moved by “The Hummingbird Between Us.”

    1. Thanks, Andrea! Funny thing about that one: there’s a folktale about a hummingbird going heart to heart between two in love that I picked up back in my bookstore days, leafing through random books. When I couldn’t remember the details clearly, I found myself working with only the air of memory. Thank you for reading!

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