* new work up at salamander magazine!

runes-947831_960_720Just a quick post to share my poem “Odin and the Runes” recently published and made available by Salamander Magazine!

I have several “unofficial” sonnets throughout my manuscripts, but this one is one of my favorites due to how I came to write it. I was reading heavily into Norse mythology at the time and came across the story of Odin who willingly hung himself from a tree for nine days only to come back with the rune alphabet. I spent hours afterwards on the running trails of Eugene, Oregon standing under large trees and looking up, trying to imagine what nine days of only branches and sky must have felt like.

See you Friday!


8 responses to “* new work up at salamander magazine!”

  1. Another fine poem. Why your blog isn’t flooding with comments i’ll never know. You’re the real deal pal. i would love to sit down and actually talk with you. Blog messaging can be impersonal.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Daniel! It’d be great to grab a cup of coffee someday! For now, feel free to email me: thefridayinfluence at gmail.com , or keep stopping by. I appreciate your friendship 🙂

  2. The last two lines made me gasp aloud…incredible poem!

    1. Thanks, Laura! As I mentioned, spent a lot of time with trees, but even as I pondered towards this poem, I found myself going back to my obsession with words and our general fragmentary understanding of life.

      1. After I read it, I had to go look at Beth Moon’s tree photographs in her “Portraits of Time” series again. I’m guessing you’ve probably seen them, but if not, or if any of your other readers are interested, they’re at:

      2. Beth Moon’s photographs are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Laura!

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